Todd Vs Food Ep. 2*

If you’ve ever been to a Burger King within the last 20 years you might have noticed the Rodeo Burger. Debuting in conjunction with the movie Small Soldiers (1998), it has become a staple of the Bk value menu.

There are two versions. The Rodeo king, and the Rodeo burger. The Rodeo King includes 3 strips of bacon, cheese, onion rings and a double patty as opposed to the value menu’s one patty and lack of bacon and cheese. Since the Rodeo Burger is available in my area and not the Rodeo king, we are gonna focus on that.

As soon as I got home I unraveled the BK wrapper to reveal a Rodeo burger, on a whopper Jr Patty topped with BBQ sauce w/ 2 (broken) onion rings.

For my version I used 92% Lean burgers, a sesame seed bun and homemade onion rings & homemade bbq sauce.

Similar to the Burger King burgers I put them on the open flame grill as opposed to frying them on a griddle. I seasoned the burgers with salt and pepper and grill mates seasoning.

I made the BBQ sauce by combining ketchup, apple cider vinegar, water, molasses, paprika, chili power, black cracked pepper, Cumin, Worcester sauce, and heated it on the stove for about half an hour while stirring occasionally.

I breaded the onion rings in panko and deep fried them until golden brown, afterwards sprinkling them with salt and pepper.

I took a comparison shot:

The original Burger King Rodeo Burger is on the Left while my Toddecooks Rodeo Burger is on the right.

What do you think? Would you try my version? Have you tried the Burger Kinng version? Which looks better?

Sound off in the comments!

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